Bonita Springs

The small town of Bonita Springs has a long and interesting history.  Experts suggest the area may have been inhabited for over 8,000 years according to some recent discoveries.  The area first appeared on US maps in the 1870’s when government surveyors arrived to record the area.  The officials pitched camp next to the local stream which the local Native Indians believed to have healing properties if you bathed in the waters.  After the surveyors left, the town became known as Survey and the ‘magical’ waters were known as Survey Creek.  By 1915 the town had developed further.  It now had a school and a 2 story hotel.  It also had a new and more interesting name – Bonita Springs; named after the famous healing waters in the town.  Also Survey Creek got a new and more glamorous name to match the change of town name.  It was now called the Imperial River.

Jump forward to the present and Bonita Springs is a small bustling town and home to some of the best residential golfing communities in the Southwest.  Located at the southern most border of Lee County and north of upscale Naples. The area is a great mix of private gated country club style communities, old style Florida homes in quiet residential streets and world class award winning beaches.

Bonita features a number of barrier islands on its’ western edge which face out onto the Gulf of Mexico.  These islands are home to some of the finest real estate in the Southwest area including homes located in Barefoot Beach and along the stretch of road known as Bonita Beach Road which runs along Little Hickory Island.

As expected of one of Florida’s fastest growing communities, Bonita Springs is also well served with shopping, dining and business facilities for residents and visitors.  It has great access to Fort Myers International Airport located to the northwest of the town.  Bonita also has on its’ northern border one of the area’s newest outdoor shopping malls called Coconut Point.  This mall has over 1 million square feet of outdoor dining, shopping and entertainment so is a great addition to the area and its’ residents.

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    Bonita Springs Quick Facts:

    • Population: 44,793

    • Median Household Income: $53,452

    • Median Age: 54.5

    Bonita Springs Fun Fact:  The northern border of Bonita Springs is shared with Lover’s Key State Park.  This is the second most visited State park in Florida, consists of 4 barrier islands, and is regularly voted the most romantic beach in Florida.