Many buyers looking to purchase property in Cape Coral do so for one key reason – the availability of reasonably priced cape coral waterfront property with year round sunshine.  The city is fairly unique in that it is set on a network of navigable canals, many of which are minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. This makes property in the city very attractive to serious boaters and fishermen alike.

The city of Cape Coral is divided into 4 main quadrants – the northeast, the northwest, the southeast and the southwest. Buyers should note, as a rough guideline, if a home has an address of south west (usually abbreviated to ‘SW’) or south east (SE) and is located on water, it is very probable that this water is Gulf access which means the canal ultimately leads to the ocean. If the home is in the northeast (NE) or northwest (NW) and is located on water, it is very probable that the water access is fresh water and will not lead to the Gulf of Mexico.

Buyers may wonder what is the major difference between a property located on fresh water versus Gulf access water. The difference is the boating access you can enjoy and is reflected in the property price. Waterfront homes with Gulf access are a sought after commodity attracting buyers to the Cape from across the globe. That is why we have residents from all over the world; a home with Gulf access and stunning water views is a rare thing in many parts of the US, if not the world. Fresh water homes are usually priced lower than Gulf access homes as the water will not lead you to the Gulf, so the boating access is limited. The fresh water canals are still navigable by small boat and offer some lovely lake views. Fresh water homes are ideal for those seeking a waterfront property on a budget.

Buyers should pay close attention to the tiers of rarity value that also affect the price of Gulf access homes. In Cape Coral there are direct sailboat access homes which are the ultimate type of waterfront property (and usually the highest in value). This means the boating access from the home has no bridges to navigate, thus there is no restriction on boat size. This tends to be the most sought after type of waterfront property by buyers. It then scales down in graduating tiers controlled by how many bridges or locks the home owner/boater will navigate plus how long it takes to sail to the Gulf. This complex detail ultimately affects the value of the home and should be thoroughly investigated by the buyer.

When investigating the different types of cape coral waterfront property, this is where the services of an experienced local agent are extremely useful. A good agent will have a comprehensive understanding of the waterways plus approximate times to the Gulf – something a buyer will want to know, especially if they are a boating enthusiast.

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