To upload a video we unfortunately need you to register, it takes less than a minute, but this saves us having undesirable spamy videos uploaded to our web site.

When you click the register button this will take you to a new window where you can insert a username and e-mail address.

You will then need to check your e-mail account.

There you will find a e-mail from Churchill Real Estate. Within the e-mail will be your choosen username and a generated password.

Click the link in the e-mail it will take you back to the login window where you can insert ypour username and the genrated password.

Once you login you will see at the top left “PROFILE” & “HOST 2 UTUBE”

In PROFILE you can edit your details.


YOU MUST: Insert a title and discription first, before  you click on “Load video files”

Once you have found your video and clicked on it, nothing much happens whilst the video is loading. You will see after a few minutes in the bottom righthand corner a light blue box “You Tube upload APU ready” then *********************************************

As soon as the Title and Discription you inserted disappears your video has downloaded and you are ready to upload another video.

You can also upload a web cam video if you have a web cam device.


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