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Please read the below instructions before you use the ‘Advanced MLS Search’ function on this website

When you click on the ‘Advanced MLS Searching’ button it will take you to a window containing the MLS search function.  This is almost identical to what real estate agents use when they use the local MLS system.  Here you can really target your search and get very specific with your search options.

You can target your area search by a number of options. You can search by city name or if you are interested in a particular part of the city and know the zip code for that area, you can search this way also.

Mapping Function Search

The mapping function is particularly useful if you are interested in a specific area and do not know the zip code. The mapping software allows you draw a red box around a particular area so MLS only searches within this mapped area. To use this function simply zoom on the map to locate your area of interest (you can zoom in as far as street level). Once you have the area of interest on the map, hover the mouse over the top left corner of where you want the search map band to start, left click your mouse and then drag across the area to as large as you wish to form a square or rectangle around the spot of interest. Click the tick box on the left of the map to include the map in your search criteria. If you draw the map band incorrectly, simply left click on the map to erase, pan back out to re-set the map to your desired size and repeat the drawing process.

Once you have the area selected, you should include your price boundaries to ensure you do not get data overload with MLS producing every home available in a particular location. This MLS search software will only return a maximum of 75 matches so you need to set some parameters to ensure you get results.

Property Types

You should also select your property type.  Unless you are looking for vacant land, the ‘residential’ option is the main one to tick. Once you have ticked this a drop down section called ‘property subtype’ will offer options of various types of property you wish to view.  Tick what type of properties you wish to search for.

Additional Criteria

Once you have clicked property type and property subtype, a second search criteria page will become available for you to use to narrow down your search further. You will find the tab to access this page at the top of the main search page to the right of ‘General Criteria’ tab marked ‘Additional Criteria’. Here you can indicate if you are interested in properties with a swimming pool, Gulf access waterfront property and foreclosed property.

MLS is a tool to learn and play with. The more you play with this software the more you will get proficient with it. If you find that you are disappointed with the matches to your search criteria and are not finding what you want, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for. I am an expert in the local area and will be able to conduct a deeper agent specific search based on your wish list (and do a whole lot of research work so you do not have to!).  I can then e-mail my findings in a formulated report for you to review at your leisure.

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